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Webinar | Australian Drone Registration and Accreditation

24 March, 2020 | Events | Date:

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Event Overview

Date & Time

Thu. 02 April 2020 - Thu. 02 April 2020
2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Drone registration and pilot accreditation in Australia is approaching. In this webinar, we will be exploring which drones will need to be registered, which pilots will need to be registered; as well as changes to key definitions, changes to weight categories as well as the raft of offences stemming from these changes. The webinar will end with some scenario modelling on Australia’s first Drone Registration Flowchart which will be an ideal segue into a Q&A session.


  • When is this happening?
  • Changes to definitions;
  • Weighty issues;
  • Pilot accreditation;
  • Drone registration;
  • New offences;
  • Scenario modelling with Australia’s first Drone Registration Flowchart;

About Tom Pils: Tom is an Australian lawyer specialising in drone law. He has represented commercial drone operators in CASA investigations, advised on Flight Authorisations, drafted Drone Services Agreements, and worked with insurance brokers on drone specific policies. Tom is dedicated to educating drone service providers on legal and commercial issues which he does by way of speaking at conferences and on podcasts, as well as being an avid writer of drone-related articles on his website Tom’s is also on the Management Committee of the Association of Australian Certified UAV Operators Inc.