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Payload Compatibility Chart

Josh Spires | 01 June, 2021 | Compatibility Charts

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Be sure before you buy! Check our drone and payload compatibility chart before you make your next purchase. We have the latest drones and payloads from DJI, Autel, Flyability, Freefly, Microdrones, Parrot, Sensefly, Wingtra, Yuneec, and more.

DJI Enterprise


X3 Z3 Z30 X4S X5 X5R X5S X7 XT XT2 XT S H20 H20T H20N L1 P1
Inspire 1                  
Inspire 1 V2                    
Inspire 2                          
Matrice 100                            
Matrice 200 V1                  
Matrice 200 V2                
Matrice 300 RTK              
Matrice 600              
Matrice 600 Pro              
Wind 2                
Wind 4                
Wind 8                

Elistair Tethers

Autel Robotics

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