Sphere Drones sign partner agreement with global drone integration provider – Microdrones

July 26, 2018 | #Mining#Surveying

Sphere Drones becomes one of Australia’s leading solution providers for mapping, surveying and inspection drone packages  


SYDNEY, Australia – 30th July, 2018 – Sydney-based Sphere Drones has recently signed an Australia-first deal with Microdrones – a global solutions provider for commercial drone applications.

Microdrones‘ UAV solutions are currently in use globally by commercial clients in industries across area mapping, surveying, inspection, construction, mining, agriculture, security, science and research industries.

The company is considered one of the world’s most experienced providers of commercial drone solutions, integrating high-performance and long-range drones with sensors and geospatial hardware. Microdrones‘ systems are seen to be revolutionising industries – not by drone use alone, but by smart integration that takes advantage of a drone’s ability to smoothly carry payloads at altitude.

“We are particularly excited to have a technology pioneer and market innovator such as Microdrones as part of our UAV portfolio,” said Paris Cockinos, Managing Director, Sphere Drones.

“The vastness of Australia makes integrated drone solutions the perfect approach – both from a cost and functionality point-of-view – for a wide range of commercial applications. Now having globally recognised and integrated UAV technology from Microdrones, we will be able to offer significant benefits to our commercial clients.”

Sphere Drones was selected by Microdrones as they are a proven and major drone sales, rental, service and solutions development provider in Australia.

“Through this new agreement with Sphere Drones, Australian commercial customers will benefit from our products and a highly-skilled and experienced operation that is, in our opinion, one of Australia’s leading authorities and suppliers of commercial drone equipment, applications and operations,” said Phil Kern, Dealer Manager, Microdrones.

As part of the agreement, Sphere Drones will become Microdrones’ major Australian reseller with the two companies set to rapidly expand distribution to include the entire mdSolutions and mdAircraft range.

“We have been at the Australian forefront of developing and working with multiple industries to develop tailored and often proprietary commercial drone solutions,” added Paris. “With success already across mining, agriculture and surveying, we anticipate this will grow at an exponential rate with our access to the Microdrones’ suite of products and solutions.”

With the Asia Pacific commercial drone market estimated grow to $A9 billion by the end of 2022, Australian commercial drone applications are well-positioned for major growth and to provide dramatically improved application services and substantial cost-benefits to those industries that engage drone technology.

Indeed, the key safety body in Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), has recognised the value of drone technology in commercial applications with the recent easing of regulations on commercial drone use. This has allowed significantly greater opportunities for commercial drone applications including mining, agriculture, surveying, search and rescue, farm management and asset inspection.

With Microdrones’ integrated system expertise, Sphere Drones will become Australia’s premier drone photogrammetry, mapping and surveying packaging provider.

Sphere Drones will also provide dedicated sales, service support and customer advice for Microdrones’ products. From the mdMapper range that can rapidly and accurately map large areas while collecting geospatial data (via direct georeferencing); to the mdAircraft range that is commercially rugged, highly-reliable and offers industry leading flight technology – Sphere Drones believes there will be few industries that won‘t benefit from the Microdrones offering.

“All Microdrones solutions are designed to make it easy and cost-effective for enterprises to adopt commercial drones and support a seamlessly integrated workflow – from hardware and data acquisition services, to data processing software,” said Paris. “This integrated approach enables commercial enterprises to automatically and instantly collect aerial intelligence, analyse and rapidly integrate it into their daily business processes. It also provides for a remarkable ROI!”

You can learn more about Sphere Drones, their commercial solutions and the exciting opportunities with Microdrones technology at www.spheredrones.com.au.  

About Sphere Drones

Sphere Drones is a leading Australian provider of comprehensive drone products and application solutions for the commercial market. Proudly Australian-owned and an operating entity since 1954, their end-to-end system solutions create outcomes that are highly-functional, cost-effective and, most importantly, commercially successful. Carrying the world’s best drone brands and accessories, their Sydney-based headquarters operates as solutions development facility, allowing existing and prospective clients to work in tandem with the Sphere Drones team to create custom and often proprietary commercial drone solutions. Their partnership with Microdrones will further enhance this ability.

About Microdrones 

Founded in Germany in 2005, Microdrones developed the world’s first commercial quadcopter and the company continues to lead the industry with their professional UAV solutions.

By pairing robust drones with cutting-edge sensors, Microdrones offers advanced turn-key solutions that make it easy for businesses to start using UAVs for surveying, mapping, construction, inspection, precision agriculture, mining, and other commercial applications. A heritage of quality German engineering, extra-long flight times, resistance to environmental challenges, and technology like direct georeferencing, make Microdrones‘ solutions exceptionally safe, efficient, and cost-effective choices for commercial users.

Microdrones serves markets around the globe. To learn more about Microdrones, visit www.microdrones.com



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